how to sell products onlineIf you are looking to learn how to sell online to make a little extra money online, you are looking at one of the best ways to make money online.  Whether you have experience selling products online or making money online, you can do it with a little advice and a little patience.  First, let us look at the best ways to sell products online.

How To Sell Online

Selling products online doesn’t take a genius and it doesn’t take someone with technical knowledge or real marketing experience. But what it does take is choosing the right product to sell and choosing the right niche where people are looking to buy the product that you are selling.  If there is no one actively looking to buy what you are selling, then you don’t have a chance of making a profit selling products online.  So if learning how to sell online, the first thing to look at is the niche.  Find a product that people are actively looking for.  Find a product that people really want

Which items To Sell Online

The best products to sell online are products that people are looking for but also products that are going to solve some sort of need.  The best products to sell will relieve some sort of pain, solve some sort of need or at least make people think that they need the product.  While there are some products out there that don’t really solve a problem and can be profitable, the majority of great products to sell online are need type products.

Another thing that makes a product a good item to sell online is the product must make a decent margin.  When you dropship products online or sell any product online, you have to pay for that product which will eat up your margins. The lowest margin I would consider when selling a product online would be 30%.  Now, this gets me to my next point.  Never sell a product for under $100 unless your margins are above 50%.  I like to sell products that are above $300 and I have even sold products that are above $1,000.  You have to sell less products to make more money and deal with less customers.  Imagine selling 1,000 products at $1.00, that would give you 1,000 customers to deal with instead of selling 1 product at $1,000 which would give you only 1 customer to deal with.

Wholesale products To Sell/Dropship Products

When you find a product that you want to sell online you might want to consider dropshipping your product through a wholesaler, supplier or distributor.  Dropshipping is the means of selling a product online without ever having to warehouse that product or even seeing the product.  A customer comes to your site and purchases a product from your online store, you then send off an email with that customer’s shipping information to your supplier or wholesaler, and the supplier will ship out that product for you as if it were you.  It is still your customer but the dropshipper does all the hard work.  The dropshipper then charges you for the product at wholesale and you keep the rest.  It is a win win when selling products online and I highly recommend those looking to sell products online to look at dropshipping before warehousing or manufacturing a  product.

Creating A Website To Sell

So, let’s say you have a product to sell and you have a drop shipper who is willing to ship that product for you.  The next step which most people think is the hardest step is to create your online store.  You can’t sell anything online unless you have an online store front for customers to buy.  But creating an online store is not going to be hard.  There are tons of different platforms where you can easily create an online store with no technical experience.  The online store is by far one of the easiest parts of selling online.  You just have to ensure you have a good product to sell and a good supplier who ships the product out.

The rest is easy….

How To Get People To Your Website To Buy

So let us now say that you have a niche, you have a product to sell, you sell products onlinehave a supplier who will drop ship the product for you and you have a website where customers can buy from you.  The next step is getting people to your website so that they can buy.  If no one knows that your site exists, how can they buy from you.

There are many different ways to get traffic to your website but the main way is through Google.  Having your site rank high in the search engines for phrases and keywords that your ideal customer is searching for, is what you will need to focus once you have everything else in place.

Now, there are some steps to get your site to rank in Google but in this article I will not be able to go more in depth.  However, if you would like to learn more about creating an online store, selling products online and driving traffic to your online store, I highly suggest that you sign up for my Live Webinar.  It is completely FREE and I go over everything that you will ever need to know about selling products online.

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